Home Care Management options


Full Support Care Management - Level 1-4

Package Management Fee - 13 %
Care Management Fee - 13 %


This is a hassle-free choice if you'd like to enjoy the optimal level of support and case management from our professional Care Management Team. This choice is suitable to those who prefer to have care services coordinated and managed for you after the collaboration with your Care manager.

Our professional Care Management Team from different allied health fields, will serve you wholeheartedly with integrity. You and your family don’t have to worry about arranging or handling care support and services, and can enjoy a more relaxing and happy leisure time together, let us work with you to plan the most suitable services and take care of your needs, allowing you to enjoy the full support home care experience.



Clinical Care Management - Level 2-4

Package Management Fee - 15 %
Care Management Fee - 20 %


Introducing ACG’s newest initiative, our 35% Clinical Care Management option! Available for HCP clients with Level 2 or higher, experience exceptional care and support from a dedicated Care Manager who will work closely with you and your close ones to ensure all your care needs are met. Clients under this management option will have access to our nursing hotline, moderated by the ACG Clinical Team, which will allow you to get in touch with a registered nurse for professional care and health advice within our business hours.